Sharing a sneak peek today of a new set that will be available at Craftin’ Desert Diva’s on Friday, February 15. It’s called Wooly Lambs and I think it is wolly cute! My goal was to use all the images in the set in a scene. To do this, I decided to let them appear one at a time, in a tri-fold card. As the recipient opens the card, another lamb appears in the scene. I like the element of surprise.  I went with pastels on this one to fit a Spring theme. Pastels are generally out of the box for me. I love more bold colors, so I really had to tone down the color and amp up the design! I used only one stamp set, die set and a stencil to make this card:

I used a soft twine, tied in a bow to hold the card completely shut. The folds were created by using the Fall Border hill die to make hills and levels at varying heights. From the front they look like hills, but they are really concealing parts of the scene. 🙂 I like how there are flowers and a butterfly peeping out from the inside, letting the recipient know that there is more in store!

When you open the first gatefold to the right, you find a little lamb and bunny buddy, enjoying a bed of flowers while a butterfly hovers over.  I like how the lamb on the fence is overlooking the leisure duos in the flower bed.

Here’s a close-up shot. I love how the Fall Border dies have a stitched edge for added interest. It’s a nice finish look to a shape.

When you open the tri-fold to the left, you uncover another cute lamb picking flowers. 

To create the fence, I used the stamp and stamped multiple times, using a mask for the lamb. There were areas that I had to hand-draw in, but for the most part, it was not hard to extend it across the scene. The tree line and hills/stream were all cut using the Fall Border Dies. Interestingly, I was not trying to create a stream, but by changing up the color (which happened to be blue), it now looks like a stream in the hills.  

Here’s a snapshot of the card in it’s full open position so you can see the tri-folds. I used two pieces of 8.5″ X 11″ to make this 5″ X 7″ card. I layered the left and right on the center panel, making this panel a double thickness. By cutting hills into both sides, I was able to use the thickness to develop the backdrop for the scene. It’s not real noticeable, but I used the Burst stencil to create a rising sun in the background using yellow ink on a light yellow cardstock, too. The phrases were stamped in a gray-toned color to keep it soft like the pastels. 

One last thing….there’s a freebie in store for you beginning on Friday, 2/15. Get a free set with a $40 purchase at Craftin’ Desert Diva’s! Here’s the cute stamp set that could be yours for FREE! 

Thanks for visiting! Have a WOOLY great day! 

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