I’m still in love with this sweet little pickup. I have a brother that loves fixing up old trucks so this card will definitely be finding his mailbox this December. The Little Pickup is from Honey Bee Stamps. I’ve used this set before in a separate post. If you scroll down, you’ll see my first card with a little red pickup. I wanted to change up the background so I changed from evergreens to birch trees and made it a landscape-designed card. The background was created using Copic markers in lots of fun, bright colors to celebrate the beauty of our sky. I simply blended colors to make it work. It may not be realistic to see these colors, but I don’t think it has to be.  I added rusty areas to the pickup because life does come with a little rust! There is still beauty in the imperfect and I think this card shares that feeling.

To make the background, I started with Ranger Oxide inks and created a blended background. I wanted the colors to be deeper and bolder so I used Copic Sketch markers on top of the Oxide inks (after they were fully dry) and blended the bolder colors. Once that was complete, I used black markers in fine to medium tips to add trunks and stick branches in the shadows of the forest to create depth in the scene.  Copics in cool grey (C) and Blue Violet (BV) tones were used to shadow the foreground white birch trunks, too. Lastly, I used by Signo Uni-ball pen to add falling snow. Thanks for visiting! 



Thanks for visiting.